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What Exactly is Deep Coaching? Do I really need it?

do i need Coaching?

If you think you don’t need it, chances are you are the one that could more benefit from a coaching.

Why? Simply because to go on increasing your success and performance you need someone to challenge your thoughts.

There is a saying, that says ‘What brings you here, won’t bring you there’. To go to the next level, you need to upgrade the way you currently function.

How can it help me?

Do you feel like it’s never good enough, that you could do much better?

Are you longing for a new challenge?

Do you have the desire to build a legacy?

Have you difficulties finding real satisfaction in your success track?

Have you issues finding the right life balance?

You feel ok, but you are ready to build the next step?

You want to start over and create a new journey?

My coaching approach

When you reach a certain level of success and achievement, your needs and desires change. It may feel a bit ‘lonely at the top’ as we say, as less people understand what we go through. People around you are usually impressed by your journey, while you don’t see anything spectacular about it. You may be shy to share your real desires and ambitions, afraid that people would not understand. You don’t feel safe enough to share what you really feel inside : doubts, guilt, fears… Fear of failing, fear of rejection, fear of regrets… 

That’s what the Deep Coaching is there for. Going deeper, to address your very unique and deep challenges. You are not like everyone, you think differently, you act differently. You need someone to challenge and support you differently as well. I am that kind of coach.

I thrive for excellence, boldness and performance while I create a unique safe place, for the core of who you are, to express freely and fully. 

Coaching de femmes

Individual Deep coaching

This is the start of a deep powerful journey. I will be your witness during this 3 or 6 month work together. This is a very special place. I aim at creating a safe space, where you can escape from ‘reality’ from a moment, where time stops, and you can be just who you just want or need to be. Slow down, go deep, increase your awareness and grow your power. That’s the program. If that sounds like what you are looking for, book for a chat and let’s connect.

Intensive coaching – 1 full day

If time is a constraints and you want to live an immersive experience, this 1 day Intensive is for you. In one day we will be able to go through a full circle life journey and draw the next steps powerfully together. If you are interested, let’s discuss it  in details!